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2020-10-10: News Headlines

Tamara Pearson (2020-10-10). Guatemalan and Mexican governments use pandemic to turn back refugee caravan. zcomm.org "People who are fleeing crime and searching for a better future shouldn't be treated like this". "But there is something that we have, as migrants. We don't give up, we do everything to achieve our goals."

Alice Blukacz, Baltica Cabieses (2020-10-10). [Correspondence] COVID-19: leaving no one behind in Latin America. thelancet.com The pledge to leave no one behind has been essential in making the plight of refugees more visible1 and in highlighting the need to include migrants and refugees in national health-care systems.

Eve Ottenberg (2020-10-09). Fascism's Twisted Take on Climate Change. counterpunch.org The climate catastrophe has caught fascism's evil eye. First it spawned eco-fascism, a creed founded on lies about immigrants and population control. More people migrating to first world countries, eco-fascists say, means more people with outsized carbon footprints. Better for those immigrants to stay home, having less climate impact, than coming here to indulge in

ACLU (2020-10-09). Learn About the Charleston County Sheriff Candidates. aclu.org The election for Charleston County Sheriff on Nov. 3 can help shape the county's policies on the role of policing in our community, immigrants' rights, and law enforcement accountability. The Charleston County sheriff can adopt policies that will make our community safer and more just for all. | CAST AN INFORMED VOTE | Make sure you know the candidates' positions on key civil liberties and civil rights issues. The ACLU does not endorse or oppose candidates but urges you to cast an informed vote. | IssueKristin GrazianoAl Cannon (Inc) | Commits to end 287(g), a program working with the Trump administration t…

Tamara Pearson (2020-10-08). Guatemalan and Mexican Governments Use Pandemic to Turn Back Caravan of Thousands of Refugees. counterpunch.org Thousands of Honduran migrants and refugees have been beaten, arrested, threatened with prison, and deported as they tried to make their way through the closed borders of Guatemala and Mexico. Over the last few days the Mexican and Guatemalan governments collaborated to stop the migrant march or caravan, which left Honduras on 30 September, from reaching Mexico and the US.

WSWS (2020-10-08). "We need to take away the children": Top Justice Department officials drove Trump's anti-immigrant family separation policy. wsws.org While the specific officials mentioned in the report are no longer leading the department, the Trump administration's cruel and inhumane treatment of immigrants has continued unabated.

MEE staff (2020-10-08). EU Parliament condemns Saudi Arabia over treatment of Ethiopian migrants. middleeasteye.net EU Parliament condemns Saudi Arabia over treatment of Ethiopian migrants | Criticism comes after report by Telegraph that thousands of Ethiopian migrants were locked up to stop spread of Covid-19 | Thu, 10/08/2020 – 19: 13 | Thousands of people from Ethiopia have made dangerous journey through Yemen to Saudi Arabia (AFP/File photo) | The European Parliament condemned Saudi Arabia for holding tens of thousands…

_____ (2020-10-07). Protesters Block Highway Near Border Wall Construction. popularresistance.org Tucson – Activists and allies of two O'odham groups protesting the construction of a border wall along ancestral tribal lands in southern Arizona temporarily blocked the highway leading to construction sites in the Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument. | Members of the two groups, the O'odham Anti Border Collective and Defend O'odham Jewed, and non-Indigenous allies set up early Monday morning what they described as a "soft blockade" of State Route 85, using caution tape and canopy tents to stop traffic, some of which also was headed to the Lukeville border crossing with Mexico.

WSWS (2020-10-07). Honduran migrant caravan broken up by Guatemalan troops, as devastation grows across Central America. wsws.org The caravan, disbanded with the assistance of the Mexican government, signals that growing layers of the population in Honduras and the region have reached a new level of social desperation.

Telesur (2020-10-07). Neo-McCarthy Policies: US Bans Communist Immigrants from Ever Becoming US Citizens. globalresearch.ca New guidance on immigration laws released Friday by the United States Citizens and Immigration Services (USCIS) makes it almost impossible for members of a Communist or similar party to be granted permanent residence or U.S. citizenship. | *** | In a policy …

MEE and agencies (2020-10-07). 'Senseless crime': Nigerian migrant burned alive in Libyan capital. middleeasteye.net 'Senseless crime': Nigerian migrant burned alive in Libyan capital | Three other migrants suffer burns, are treated in nearby hospital as alleged perpetrators are arrested | Wed, 10/07/2020 – 19: 51 | More than 100,000 migrants tried to cross the Mediterranean last year, with at least 1,200 dying in attempt (AFP/File photo) | A Nigerian migrant worker was burned to death by three Libyans i…

Staff (2020-10-07). "Don't Fear the Virus" Is Genocidal Rhetoric. We Mourn in Rebellion. truthout.org Trump holds up his recovery as evidence that the time for fear has passed. But migrant children and others caged in the path of COVID-19 will not be flown to Walter Reed Hospital. In this episode, Kelly Hayes explains why "don't fear the virus" is genocidal rhetoric. | In recognition of the National Week of Mourning for victims of COVID-19, and the plight of imprisoned people, this episode also features an audio vigil for people who have been lost to the coronavirus. "Let this Radicalize You: A COVID Memoria…

WSWS (2020-10-07). US-Mexico border wall cutting through Native American tribal lands. wsws.org Trump's border wall is being constructed through culturally important sites, including Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument and Tohono O'Odham lands in southwestern Arizona.

Staff (2020-10-06). Trump's Strict Immigration Laws Exacerbate Human Trafficking in the US. truthout.org Several virtual summits in

WSWS (2020-10-06). UK plans to detain refugees on prison ships. wsws.org Repressive anti-immigration policies, in Britain and Australia alike, have been built up over decades by all political representatives of the ruling class.