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2020-11-17: News Headlines

Teresa Gutierrez (2020-11-17). From the Immigration Movement, for the Left: Election 2020 lessons. workers.org San Antonio, Texas These slightly edited remarks were given on a Workers World Party Nov. 12 webinar, "What Now?" The huge voter turnout from the Latinx and the im/migrant rights movement for the 2020 presidential election must be put into the context of developments on immigration since 2006. Teresa Gutierrez. . . . |

_____ (2020-11-17). How Our Biggest ISPs Are Failing Students During COVID-19. popularresistance.org Early in the pandemic, one of our MediaJustice Network members reached out to us in hopes we could support a group of high school students in Baltimore who were trying to amplify their campaign. The students are leaders in a Latinx and immigrant student organization called Students Organizing for a Multicultural and Open Society (SOMOS), and this was their first time organizing for digital equity. | When school ended last year, SOMOS realized that many of their fellow Baltimore city schoolmates who'd relied on Comcast's Internet Essentials discount program didn't have a connection fast or reliable enough for onli…

Karen Conner (2020-11-17). "A Silent Pandemic": Racism, Negligence, and Medical Assault in ICE Detention Centers. cepr.net After a whistleblower revealed that an ICE detention facility in Georgia sterilized immigrant women without consent, members of the House Judiciary Committee and Hispanic Caucus visited the facility and heard directly from the whistleblower and immigrant women who experienced forced sterilizations at the facility. Congress members called for an investigation of the Department of …

Mehr News Agency (2020-11-17). Protecting security of borders, Ground Force's main priority. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Nov. 17 (MNA) — Commander of the Iranian Army's Ground Forces said that protecting and preserving security of borders is an important priority of Iran's Army Ground Force.

Naomieh Jovin, Magnum Foundation (2020-11-17). There Is a Name for Women Like My Mother. thenation.com There Is a Name for Women Like My Mother…

Jaklevic M. (2020-11-17). FDA Expands Food Safety Collaboration With Mexico. jamanetwork.com Building on a partnership signed in 2014, the FDA and its counterparts in Mexico have agreed to expand collaborative food safety efforts to cover all human food, rather than just produce, that crosses the border.

Mehr News Agency (2020-11-17). Borders of Iran, Azerbaijan to be peaceful forever: Envoy. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Nov. 17 (MNA) — The Ambassador of Iran in Azerbaijan said that borders between Iran and Azerbaijan will always be peaceful due to historical and cultural similarities between the two countries.

Peoples Dispatch (2020-11-17). What is happening in Ethiopia? peoplesdispatch.org The conflict in Ethiopia's northern region Tigray is intensifying. Hundreds have reportedly died and the fighting has now spilled across the country's national borders into neighboring countries. As the conflict spreads, it is feared that it could have a destabilizing effect on the broader region. | How did this conflict begin?

WSWS (2020-11-16). Migrant workers demand right to return to their homes in New Zealand. wsws.org The Labour Party government's draconian border restrictions have left thousands of people stranded outside New Zealand despite being legally entitled to live in the country.

_____ (2020-11-16). War in Ethiopia Threatens to Engulf Horn of Africa. strategic-culture.org The two-week-old civil war in Ethiopia is now embroiling neighboring Eritrea. The two countries previously fought a two-year border war (1998-2000) which resulted in 100,000 dead. But in a bizarre twist, the Ethiopian central government in Addis Ababa is siding with Eritrea to now wage a war against its own people in the northern Tigray region. | The Ethiopian central government has also