2021-01-12: News Headlines

The Canary (2021-01-12). Health checks for refugees at Bosnia camp after days in cold. thecanary.co Many refugees and refugees staying at a camp in northwestern Bosnia have complained of respiratory and skin infections after spending days in makeshift tents and containers amid freezing weather and snowstorms, aid workers warned.Military tents: Most of the hundreds of refugees stuck at the Lipa facility near Bosnia's border with Croatia have been accommodated in heated military tents following days of uncertainty after a fire gutted most of the camp on 23 December.Bosnia has faced sharp criticism for leaving around 1,000 people without shelter after the blaze.The authorities first said they would move the…

David Bacon (2021-01-12). Housing Is a Right. During a Pandemic, It's Also a Fight. thenation.com Housing Is a Right. During a Pandemic, It's Also a Fight.

Brian Tashman (2021-01-12). As Sheriffs Quit ICE, Joe Biden Can Lead the Way in Restoring Trust. aclu.org This month, two newly-elected sheriffs canceled contracts with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). The sheriffs in Gwinnett County, Georgia and Charleston County, South Carolina were

Rebekah Jones (2021-01-12). COVID Scientist Condemns Armed Police Raid on Her Home. zcomm.org As Florida sets new records for daily coronavirus cases, we speak with a whistleblower who was fired in May from the Florida Department of Health after she refused to censor information…

Felice Pace (2021-01-11). Reflection on the Events of January 6th 2021. counterpunch.org Since the insurrection at the Capitol Building I keep thinking about my Dad and wondering what he would have thought. Frank J. Pace, son of Italian immigrants, joined the National Guard at 19 and almost lost a leg during World War II. Then he volunteered to fight in Korea when his unit was called up.

Hannah McCarthy (2021-01-11). Syrian Refugees Excluded from Lebanese Labor Market. counterpunch.org When the civil war broke out in Syria in 2011, many Syrians fled across the western border to Lebanon. Thousands now live in Arsal, a remote town in the Bekaa valley, not far from the Syrian border. Lebanon, a country of 6 million, hosts a large refugee population estimated at 1.5 million. As the economic

Jennifer L. Holm (2021-01-10). What would life on Mars be like? Looking for answers in my family's immigrant past. salon.com A novelist considers her Finnish immigrant ancestors when writing about fictional Mars colonists…

WSWS (2021-01-09). Detainees protest inhuman conditions on Australia's Christmas Island. wsws.org After being denied the right to peacefully demonstrate, detainees set fire to mattresses and buildings in the immigration prison.

Christoph Spehr (2021-01-09). For a borderless pragmatism. Outline of a Progressive Migration Policy. indybay.org Immigration leads to stronger economic growth, which in turn creates jobs, Without migration, we would all be sitting in Olduvia in East Africa, as we were 100,000 years ago. About 3% of the world's population, about 215 million people, live in a state other than the one in which they were born. Migration has always existed. Not everything has become more right-wing in the last 50 years.