2021-03-28: News Headlines

_____ (2021-03-28). At Least 36% Of Mass Shooters Have Been Trained By The US Military. popularresistance.org It is extremely easy in the United States to obtain guns, to find places to practice using them, and to find trainers willing to teach you to use them. There's no need to have any contact with the U.S. military in order to dress and act as if you're in the military, as many mass-shooters do, some of them waging their own delusional wars against immigrants or other groups. But it is remarkable that at least 36% of U.S. mass shooters (and quite possibly more) have in fact been trained by the U.S. military. | It is equally remarkable that, although I've been updating and writing about this topic for years, it is vir…

_____ (2021-03-28). Venezuelan Army Reports New Attack On Border Post With Colombia. popularresistance.org The Strategic Operational Commander of the Venezuelan Army (FANB) Admiral Remigio Ceballos reported through his Twitter account that on the night of Wednesday, March 24, "a group of Colombian criminals tried to attack a border post and several terrorists were neutralized." | "We continue to give heavy blows to Colombian irregular criminal groups that flee to Colombia, and no one stops them. Last night they tried to attack a border post and several terrorists were neutralized. Search and Attack Operations Continue! We will win!" reads the message on the social media network.

Kenny Stancil, staff writer (2021-03-28). GOP's Border Stunt 'Nothing But a Divide and Distract Tactic' Say Immigrant Rights Advocates. commondreams.org "Their focus on the border is a cynical and strategic racist play for political gain." | www.commondreams.org/sites/default/files/styles/cd_special_coverage/public/headline/thumbs/border_patrol_mar21.jpg