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[Correspondence] Data on diabetes-specific distress are needed to improve the quality of diabetes care — Authors' reply
Juliana C N Chan, Lee-Ling Lim, Jonathan E Shaw, Carlos A Aguilar-Salinas, Edward W Gregg, Lancet Commission on diabetes | thelancet.com | 2021-06-05
We fully agree with Jane Speight and colleagues' emphasis on the need to assess and manage diabetes-specific distress. In our Commission,1 we addressed, in no fewer than ten places, the possible causative and amplifying effects of psychosocial stress on diabetes self-management and disease control, and highlighted many of the contributing factors, such as rapid rural–urban migration, living conditions, social disparity, economics, work, family, and interpersonal relationships.Acknowledging the importance of diabetes-specific distress arising from worries about the condition's nature and quality of care, the…

New Round Of Intra-Rebel Clashes Left Three Dead In Northeastern Syria
Anonymous669 | southfront.org | 2021-06-04
Illustrative image. | On June 3, clashes broke out between militants of the Turkish-backed Hamzah Division in the Turkish-occupied part of northeastern Syria. | The clashes, which were the result of personal disagreements, took place in the town of Ras al-Ain, right on the border with Turkey as well as in the nearby village of al-Duwaira. Heavy weapons, including rocket-propelled grenades and large-caliber machine guns, were reportedly used during the clashes. | "The reason behind the clashes was that one militant refu…

US Taps Groups to Pick Asylum-Seekers to Allow Into Country
The Associated Press | latinorebels.com | 2021-06-04
SAN DIEGO (AP) — The Biden administration has quietly tasked six humanitarian groups with recommending which migrants should be allowed to stay in the U.S. instead of being rapidly expelled from the country under federal pandemic-related powers that block people from seeking asylum.

An Ordinary German Neo-Nazi Death Squad Man
Thomas Klikauer — Catherine Link | counterpunch.org | 2021-06-04
The biography of German Neo-Nazi death-squad leader Franco Albrecht — known in the German press only as Franco A — begins in the city of Offenbach in 1989. Franco Albrecht's mother, a local woman, had married an Italian immigrant, a man whose grandfather served in Hitler's navy and had Germanic runes engraved on his tombstone.

Belarus, Crimea: Ukraine prepares for armed conflict in north and south
Rick Rozoff | antibellum679354512.wordpress.com | 2021-06-04
Belarus, Crimea: Ukraine prepares for armed conflict in north and southRick Rozoff The Ukrainian government has announced that it is shoring up security and military forces in the north of the country on its border with Belarus and to the south on what it calls the administrative border of the territory of the Autonomous Republic …

Venezuela's Migration: Why They Left
Editor2 | orinocotribune.com | 2021-06-04
By Rosiris Berroteran — Jun 2, 2021 | Part I | Between 2000 and 2020, a large part of Venezuela's young working population migrated to different locations across the globe in search of better opportunities. This migration has been largely caused by political differences, economic impoverishment, and the deterioration of social conditions in the Latin American country. | Venezuela is a country with a young working population awaiting employment. The country has the installed capacity to process extra-heavy crude oil and metals, as well as to produce te…

Belarus, Crimea: Ukraine Prepares for Armed Conflict in North and South
Internationalist 360 ∞ | libya360.wordpress.com | 2021-06-04
Rick Rozoff The Ukrainian government has announced that it is shoring up security and military forces in the north of the country on its border with Belarus and to the south on what it calls the administrative border of the territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea: the exact language of the government and the… Read…

Coalition wants Congress to end immunity for federal police, agents
Mark Gruenberg | peoplesworld.org | 2021-06-04
WASHINGTON–It's time to put a cap on ICE…and the Border Patrol…and the FBI…and any other federal law enforcement agent who illegally violates someone's civil rights, by making violators personally liable for damages when they do. Removing that immunity from prosecution for damages is, in so many words, what more than a dozen organizations, including pro-labor …

You Can Ditch Uber For A Driver-Owned Rideshare App
_____ | popularresistance.org | 2021-06-03
The thank-you banners are down, but New York City residents have a real opportunity to show their appreciation for a population of low-paid, primarily immigrant frontline workers. New York City residents can help now by ditching Uber and Lyft for a competing driver-owned alternative app called "Co-op Ride," created by the mostly volunteer-run Drivers Cooperative. If Co-op's proposal plays out, drivers could make more money while their passengers, particularly those in underserved communities, could end up paying less for rides. | Launched this past weekend and now available to New York City residents ****in the A…

The Tigray Conflict: Ethiopia's Humanitarian Disaster — Harry Sanders
Guest Contributor | ukhumanrightsblog.com | 2021-06-03
This article was written by Harry Sanders, a content writer for the Immigration Advice Service. Since November 2020, the Tigray region in the north of Ethiopia has been the epicentre of an awful (and hugely underreported) humanitarian disaster. War and violence have sent the region's inhabitants fleeing over the Ethiopian border in search of asylum, …

Over 200,000 Haitian Children Suffer From Human Trafficking
telesurenglish.net | 2021-06-03
Haiti's Depase fwontyè foundation (Crossing the limits) warned on Thursday that over 200,000 children suffer from human trafficking in the Caribbean country. | RELATED: | Thousands of Haitian Children Bordering Acute Malnutrition | Crossing the Limits, alongside the Collective of Lawyers Specialized in Strategic Human Rights Litigation, noticed that the phenomena are more common in inland cities and minors often have to withdraw from school to satisfy the demands of their surrogate…

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