2020-05-25: News Headlines

Anthony Pahnke — Jim Goodman (2020-05-25). Make a Resilient, Localized Food System Part of the Next Stimulus. counterpunch.org Consider the many problems in the meat industry. Workers ill with COVID caused temporary processing facility closures, putting our nation's meat supply in jeopardy. President Trump forced meatpacking plants to re-open by executive order, yet, further disruptions are likely. Roughly half of those plant workers are immigrants, living at or below the poverty line, forced to return to work, they are still at risk of getting sick.

Sue Davis (2020-05-25). Los migrantes lideran la lucha porque la 'reapertura' alimenta la resistencia. workers.org 18 de mayo: El Gerente Ejecutivo, (CEO siglas en inglés), de Ford Motors, Jim Farley, dijo durante una reciente conferencia telefónica: "La industria automotriz es el motor económico [de los EE. UU.]. Reiniciar todo el ecosistema automotor es cómo reiniciamos la economía ". (New York Times, 18 de mayo) Los . . . |

WSWS (2020-05-25). Gulf States force India and other South Asian states to repatriate impoverished migrant workers. wsws.org The migrant workers, whose labour has helped keep the Gulf States oligarchs basking in luxury, are being deported as COVID-19 renders them an economic burden and political threat.

The Commonwealth Club (2020-05-25). Challenges Facing LGBTQ+ Immigrants, Refugees and Asylum Seekers (webinar). indybay.org Online via livestream…